(HELP!) Cannot debug my ActiveX object! 
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 (HELP!) Cannot debug my ActiveX object!


I created an AxctiveX object in VC++5.0 using ATL and I cannot debug it.

I am calling its methods from ASP page written in VBScript. I am running IIS
4.0 with ASP extexsions.

I tried to load my object in the ActiveX control test container, but my
object does't load!!! Why???

I also tried to use DebugBreak() function within my code but it causes my
browser to display error message like this:

"Unexpected error ASP 0115
A trappable error occured in an external object. The script cannot continue

The same messages I get when the error occures within my code but anyhow I
am not able to make my VC popup in the de{*filter*} mode ans start debug my

What should I do????


Mon, 23 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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