How to debug ocx? 
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 How to debug ocx?

Hi, all:
  I'm now developing a ocx project, but I can't set breakpoint in it. I have seen
many articles in MSDN, eg. "Test Container", etc. but it still doesn't work.
What I've done is exactly following the steps in the article "Test Container".
these are the details:
  1. compile a debug version of my ole project.
  2. in project / setting / Debug, type "TstCon32.exe" in the "Executable for
Debug Session" box.
  3. Press F5 in VC++, the container begin to run
  4. insert my project to the container. test each method and property.

  But I can't set breakpoint in my codes.
  Is any one know why it was so? thanks in advance.


Wed, 09 Jul 2003 22:50:29 GMT  
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