Update call to SQL Server with large record never returns 
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 Update call to SQL Server with large record never returns

I have an app which writes a blob of unspecified length to a SQLServer 7
database. I am using CRecordset as a base class, AddNew and Update.
Normally, this works fine, but on a couple of SQLServer installations, when
the data gets above 100K or so, the update never returns. I've waited hours.
The code is straightforward:

(messagebody is a CString containing the data, which on other systems works
with up to 10 Megs in it)

 mymessage.SetFieldDirty(&mymessage.m_body, TRUE);
 mymessage.SetFieldNull(&mymessage.m_body, FALSE);
 mymessage.m_body.m_dwDataLength = messagebody.GetLength();
 mymessage.m_body.m_hData = GlobalAlloc(GPTR,messagebody.GetLength());
 memcpy (mymessage.m_body.m_hData,

Has anyone else seen situations where the Update would just not return?


Mon, 19 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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