cannot read long varchar field values from ADO Recordsets 
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 cannot read long varchar field values from ADO Recordsets


We are working on a project with tables that contain very long strings
(2000+ characters).  Each table contains at most one such string field.  The
database is currently on SQL Server and we plan to move to Oracle.

The problem is whenever we try to read the long string values out a
recordset.  Everything works fine until we attempt to retrieve the Value()
of the Field object corresponding to the long string.  The function fails
and the Errors collection simply tells us that "Errors Occurred".  Not very

Initially we were using the ODBC-pass-through driver and were finding this
problem.  Then we switched to the direct SQLServer OLEDB driver (SQLOLEDB)
and everything worked fine.

Now however, we are moving to Oracle and find that NONE of the drivers we
use can make ADO Recordsets pull this string data out properly.   Not the
ODBC-pass through driver, not Microsoft's Oracle OLEDB driver, and not
Informix's driver either.   Oracle does not offer an OLEDB driver of its

Is there some special trick to pulling these values out and putting them in
using ADO recordsets

I would appreciate any help that would allow me to continue using ADO
recordsets.  I really want to avoid having to code SQL directly, if at all
possible, as I am on a deadline


Joe O'Leary

Sun, 27 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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