CRecordset->Update(), But no Update 
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 CRecordset->Update(), But no Update


I am doing something like this:

    note that the exact names may not be correct, but hopefully you can
    my intentions

recordset->Open(......, CRecordset::noDirtyFieldCheck);
recordset->m_data1 = "x";
SetDataDirty(&recordset->m_data1, TRUE);

no errors occur, but m_data1 is not updated.  i know that the record in the
database is updated because it has a timestamp field, and the data in the
timestamp field changes.

does anyone have any ideas about what i am missing here??  any directions
to which to look??  

I have stepped through the code, (mfc code) and there are no errors, the
only thing that seems strange is when the update sql is created, it uses
parameter markers and i cant tell if the actual parameter is ever sent????



Fri, 17 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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