OLEDB w/ WriteCache ??????? 
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 OLEDB w/ WriteCache ???????

I'm writing an VC++ OLEDB app with using the VC++ template class like
CCommand<CAccessor<CMyPrivateData> >.
Now I'm updating/adding records with CMyPrivateDataSet class and it seems to
be ok.

BUT: Now I'm updating/inserting a record and close the recordset
CMyPrivateDataSet immediately. Than than I'm opening a second recordset
defined like CCommand<CAccessor<CMyPrivateViewData> > and reading the the
records. But I'm receiving the old (!!) and not updated and changed before
(!!) records from the database. If I'm waiting and reading the records
again, I get the right data.
It seems that the first time I'm reading the records the data are not
written in the database. Only if I'm waiting some seconds (i.e. with a
breakpoint) everything is going well and I recieve the right data at the
first try.
* Is there a cache and/or write cache what could be the problem?
* Or what could be wrong?
* How can I avoid this problem? Is the a function available to write
  all changes to the database file (something like Flush(),..)?


PS: Here is the code I'm using for update the record.

    CWorkRecordsSet* pSet = &GetDocument()->m_WorkRecordsSet;
    HRESULT hr = pSet->Open();
    if (hr != S_OK){
        return -1;
    HRESULT hr = pSet->MoveFirst();
    if( hr == S_OK ){
        // Update my set members
        if( FAILED(pSet->SetData()) ){
            // ... Error handling

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