C++ 4.0, DAO SDK, compile error in examples 
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 C++ 4.0, DAO SDK, compile error in examples

I'm getting an compile error in the examples that came with the DAO SDK
that came with C++ 4.0 standard.

In all cases (and my own program) I get an undeclared identifier in

inline CONSTRUCTOR      CdbVariant::CdbVariant(
        SHORT s, BOOL bIsBool) : COleVariant(s)
        if (bIsBool)
                vt              = VT_BOOL;
                boolVal = s;

I can find no definition of "boolVal" that goes with this; it compiles
if I create one (but I suspect just adding a local boolean is what was

I find it hard to believe that the example programs will not compile, so
I must be doing something incorrectly, but have beat my head against
this for quite a while, looking for net-relief.

(PS. will watch news, but am actively working on this so e-mail would be
a kindness to get me going quicker --- thanks in advance).


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Sat, 26 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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