Leaky CRecordset::Bulk RFX help? 
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 Leaky CRecordset::Bulk RFX help?

I am trying to do some multiple record fetching from an ODBC data source
that has an integer and two character strings.  I derived a class from
CRecordset to access them.

class MySet: public CRecordSet {
        long *l;
        LPSTR *str1arr;
        LPSTR *str2arr;


I open the set with a CRecordset::useMultiColumn flag.
I do not use CRecordset::userAllocMultiRowBuffers.  I would like the
framework to do as much memory as it can.

If I set str1arr and str2arr to NULL in the constructor I get access
violations in the first call to DoBulkFieldExchange.  So I allocate str1arr
and str2arr in the constructor.  I get rid of them in the destructor.

In all cases, I am getting a memory leak in RFX_Text_Bulk.  Could somebody
explain to me what I might be doing wrong?  I'm kind of new to the MFC/ODBC
thing.  Thanks in advance for your help.

"An HWND is a terrible thing to waste"

Tue, 29 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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