Extract XML from SQL Server via "For XML" clause 
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 Extract XML from SQL Server via "For XML" clause

Hello -
I am attempting to run a query in SQL Server 2000 and have it return XML.
In the query I use the "For XML" clause.  In my Visual C code I am
attempting to open a CCommand template and pass DBGUID_MSSQLXML as the GUID
parameter to specifiy that I am executing an XML Template query.  The only
problem is I do not have, nor can I find the constant DBGUID_MSSQLXML,
defined anywhere.  I think this is required to run a query that returns XML.
Does anyone know where I can get or can you send me the file that defines
this constant?  If anyone has done this, do you know if I am going down the
right path?


Mon, 10 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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