Strange ODBC errors using DAO to access linked tables in Access .MDB 
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 Strange ODBC errors using DAO to access linked tables in Access .MDB

We have an MFC/DAO application which is encountering all sorts of trouble
accessing an .MDB file which links tables via an ODBC data source (SQL
Server 6.5).

The same tables and queries seem to work fine if run directly from Access
via the same MDB file, so I believe that the tables and links are all set
up correctly. The original .MDB file (prior to upsizing to SQLServer and
then linking the tables) also works great in both places.

Turning on ODBC tracing indicates that DAO/Jet is supplying an invalid
window handle to ODBC on the SQLDriverConnect call, but this happens only
intermittently and with only some of the queries. Has anyone seen anything
like this? Is there a workaround?

I'd be interesting in hearing from anyone who has successfully used the MFC
CDao classes to access ODBC data sources to any significant extent. VB's
VisData sample can access the .MDB file with the linked tables
successfully, but Stingray's DAO grid sample has problems accessing it.
This leads me to suspect the MFC/DAO interface, but I don't have enough
data yet.

Randy Baker (remove Z from address in email replies)

Sun, 16 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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