Jet Database Replication (JRO + ADO) 
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 Jet Database Replication (JRO + ADO)

I'm trying to perform jet database replication from my C++ program.  As I
understand it, I need to use JRO and ADO.  Unfortunately, I can't find any
samples of how to call JRO from a C++ program, except for

However, I find the few lines of C++ code more confusing than helpful.

Can someone provide a sample of how to use JRO from a C++ program?

I had ClassWizard create wrapper classes for JRO and ADO.  Unfortunately, I
can't figure out how to use them.  Can anyone provide a sample that shows
how to access some basic ADO and JRO functionality from C++ wrapper classes?

Thank you.


Tue, 25 Nov 2003 03:21:17 GMT  
 Jet Database Replication (JRO + ADO)
One good article named Implementing Database Replication with JRO in MSDN.
However, code samples in it are written in VB. You can try to migrate it to


Tue, 25 Nov 2003 09:52:58 GMT  
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