Creating tables in an access database using ODBC??? 
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 Creating tables in an access database using ODBC???


In my MFC code (using ODBC) I have two objects:

CMyRecordSet vMyRecordSet;
CDatabase vMyDatabase; /*an Access 2000 database*/

I create a table:

vMyDatabase.ExecuteSQL("CREATE TABLE MyTable ([First Field] CHAR(10));
and I immediately add a record:
vMyRecordSet->DB_First = "1";

Now when I try to read the contents of the newly created record of the newly
created table my program reads the number one and a lot of spaces??? What
did I do wrong in my code???

Is it the Access 2000 database, did I create the table in a wrong manner???

Please help me,

Johan Machielse

Mon, 10 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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