Problem with ADO recordsets of recordsets under MTS 
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 Problem with ADO recordsets of recordsets under MTS

We are trying to perform ALL accesses to an Oracle8 database through
business objects (VC++/ATL) running under MTS on a Windows NT server 4.0
Service Pack 3, then passing data to client objects (VB) running under
Windows NT workstation 4.0 Service Pack 3.
Since we retrieve data from a normalized DB we need to extract records in
1:m relationships and then pass them back to clients so that we need
generate ADO hierarchical recordsets (i.e. recordsets of recordsets).
These recordsets seem to work fine outside MTS on a single machine, but we
cannot get them from under MTS on the same PC.

We suspect that marshalling is creating this problem somehow. Has anyone
experienced a similar problem and, hopefully, found a nice workaround ?


Antonio Caroselli

Wed, 18 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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