HELP: How to use DAO in Visual C++ from multiple threads? 
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 HELP: How to use DAO in Visual C++ from multiple threads?


I am trying to access an Access database with the following scenario.

I have a device (SCSI Jukebox)  that is operated by a separate thread
in our application. This device will occasionly return statistics or
errors.  This information must be stored in an access database.
Further, the main thread (GUI for the most part) must also access this
database).  Yet another thread is to be used to replicate the data to
a SQL Server.

The problem I am having is that which ever thread first accesses the
database, the rest of the database access attempts fail from other
threads.  Presumably, this has been because of handles not being valid
between threads.  I have not been able to track it that deep.  The
inevitable result is an access violation deep in the MFC DAO code to
create a workspace (presumably the default).

Can I get around this by using a separte workspace in each thread?  If
so, then how do I do that?  Every attempt I have made has failed
because of some "Exclusive access by another user", which I can only
assume is another thread in the same application.  I have not been
able to create any other workspaces.

Please help ASAP, as I am close to my deadline and I am not close to
finishing because of this problem.

Tom Veldhouse
Metamor Industry Solutions

Mon, 04 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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