Creating a table from VC++ using stored in Access import/export table specification 
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 Creating a table from VC++ using stored in Access import/export table specification

I have import/export table specification saved in an Access 95 database. I
am trying from VC++ to create a table that will use the saved specification
and link it to a text file to import the data from the text file. I am
trying to create the table using the CDaoTableDef DAO object. From what I
have read it seems to me that if CDaoTableDef is used there are only to
options available:
    1. To create a new table that is connected to an external text file
    2. To open an existing table.
I am still looking for a straight forward way to create the table from the
import/export specifications.

Mon, 23 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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