DoFieldExchange and Predefined Queries (ODBC) 
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 DoFieldExchange and Predefined Queries (ODBC)


I've been having some troubles with executing stored procedures on an MS SQL
7 server.

When using CDatabase::ExecuteSQL() it works fine, and I am able to pass
parameters to this method. Everything in this situtation works according to
what we want.

However, when I try following the recipe in the MSDN help article "Declaring
a Class for a Predifined Query (ODBC)", I run into some problems.

-All I want is one value, (in the future, maybe a series of values of the
same type), such as an ID out of a Table.
-I want to pass 1 or more paramters to the stored procedure

A badass exception occurs when I do the above following the recipe.

Code snippets (according to recipe):
class CRSPQAgent : public CRecordset

CRSPQAgent::CRSPQAgent(CDatabase* pdb)
 : CRecordset(pdb)
 m_AgentID = 0;
 m_MasterID = 0;
 m_IPAddress = _T("");
 m_CalibrationData = _T("");
 m_Settings = 0;
 m_Blank1 = _T("");
 m_Blank2 = _T("");
 m_nFields = 7;

 m_nDefaultType = snapshot;
 m_nParams += 1;
 m_strIPAddressParam = _T("");


void CRSPQAgent::DoFieldExchange(CFieldExchange* pFX)
 RFX_Long(pFX, _T("[AgentID]"), m_AgentID);
 RFX_Int(pFX, _T("[MasterID]"), m_MasterID);
 RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[IPAddress]"), m_IPAddress);
 RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[CalibrationData]"), m_CalibrationData);
 RFX_Long(pFX, _T("[Settings]"), m_Settings);
 RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Blank1]"), m_Blank1);
 RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Blank2]"), m_Blank2);

 //additions for parameter:
 RFX_Text(pFX, "ipaddress", m_strIPAddressParam);


Using the object
 if (!m_bDatabaseOpened)

 strSQL = "{CALL Test3 (?)}"; //execute through a CRecordSet Derived Object
 prspqAgentQuery = new CRSPQAgent(&m_database);
 prspqAgentQuery->m_strIPAddressParam = pResponse->GetIPAddress();
  prspqAgentQuery->Open(CRecordset::snapshot, strSQL);  //unhandled
exception here
 catch(CDBException * e)
        AfxMessageBox(e->m_strError, MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
        delete prspqAgentQuery;
          prspqAgentQuery = NULL;
The de{*filter*} breaks and takes me to line 1200 of DBRFX.CPP in the function:
void AFXAPI RFX_Long(CFieldExchange* pFX, LPCTSTR szName, long& value):

Currently I can deal with executing the SQL directly, but in the near future
this will not suffice.
Please, if you have suggestions, successes, failures, let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Sat, 26 Jul 2003 05:07:15 GMT  
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