CDao Performance bottlenecks 
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 CDao Performance bottlenecks

I'm writing an app that could make heavy use of a database, and I'm trying to
understand the performance issues with different operations. That way I can
choose between performance and abstraction and simplicity. One issue I'm working
with right now is the Open() method. I'm not sure if I want to spend the time Open
()ing and Close()ing a recordset each time a certain method is called, or make
the recordset a member variable of a class, and therefore only having to deal
with open upon construction. How much am I saving by reducing the frequency of
     I suppose your first question is going to be which type of recordset will I
be opening: dyna, table, or snapshot? Unfortunately, I'm a little unclear on the
performance issues with those also. This otherwise very useful book by Mike
Blaszczak discusses them, but even then he's not very clear, and even
contradictory, in his observations. For now I'm going to have to assume that the
most restrictive type is the fastest.

Sun, 16 Nov 2003 02:01:01 GMT  
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