INSERT INTO with SQLPrepare() and SQLExecute() 
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 INSERT INTO with SQLPrepare() and SQLExecute()

I have a really strange problem.  I am developing an ODBC library for
internal use and have recently started working on the INSERT functionality.
I tried it first in a simple form as:

SQLRETURN retval = SQLExecDirect(hstmt,string,SQL_NTS);
where string contained:
INSERT INTO Categories (ID, Name, Description) VALUES (1,'Testing','A test

This would return SQL_SUCCESS, but no insert occurred in the database.  So,
I fleshed in the current version:

SQLRETURN retval = SQLPrepare(hstmt,statement,strlen(statement));
if (retval == SQL_SUCCESS || retval == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)
   retval = SQLExecute(hstmt);
   if (retval == SQL_SUCCESS || retval == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)

with the statement: INSERT INTO Categories (ID, Name, Description) VALUES

The values are SQLBindParameter() bound.  Guess what?  It returns
SQL_SUCCESS and nothing is written to the file.  An ODBC trace shows:

testing         584-4c4 EXIT  SQLPrepare  with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)
  HSTMT               007E2FF8
  UCHAR *             0x0096AAA8 [      62] "INSERT INTO Categories (ID,
Name, Description) VALUES (?,?,?);"
  SDWORD                    62
testing         584-4c4 EXIT  SQLExecute  with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)
  HSTMT               007E2FF8
testing         584-4c4 EXIT  SQLEndTran  with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)
  SQLSMALLINT                  2 <SQL_HANDLE_DBC>
  SQLHANDLE           007E1958
  SQLSMALLINT                  0

I am at my wits end?  Anyone have any suggestions for me as to why this does
not work?  Thanks in advance for any help....

Sat, 15 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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