Failure to create Paradox DB file from VC++ 
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 Failure to create Paradox DB file from VC++

I am trying to create a paradox db file from Visual C++.   I
am using code which follows.On Append, I get a message - too many fields.
If I do not try to set the fields, on append I get message that
this operation not possible for this object.Any suggestions?
 CDaoDatabase* pNewDb = new CDaoDatabase;
                  TRUE,           //exclusive?
                  FALSE,           //read only?
                 "Paradox 3.x;");   //connect string
 CDaoTableDef CurrencyTableDef(pNewDb);
 CurrencyTableDef.Create("Currency",0, "curtab",
                   "Paradox 3.x; DATABASE=e:\\vcpp\\experiments\\paradox");
  CurrencyTableDef.CreateField("currency", dbLong,
   0, dbFixedField | dbUpdatableField);
  CurrencyTableDef.CreateField("country", dbLong,
   0, dbFixedField | dbUpdatableField); CurrencyTableDef.Append();
 delete pNewDb;

Mon, 03 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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