Can u help me?I've a simple doubt in accessing data from VC++ 
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 Can u help me?I've a simple doubt in accessing data from VC++

Hi All,
I'm Geetha ,doing my M.Tech in REC Trichy,India.
I'm just a beginner to use ODBC.I'm sorry
to consume your time for this small doubt,still I posted this
as I'm in hurry to complete it.

I'm using VC++ as front end and SQL server as back end.
I want  
1)to execute select queries involving 'group by' and some other
complex queries and
to retrieve result set.
2)to execute data manipulation commands too.

for 2,I use CDatabase class in  a windows console application.
for 1,I use Ado Data control in dialog based  MFC AppWizard file(by
adding a adodc control in the form).

Both are working correctly,but I want them both working in single
which type of project I can use?

I tried to declare a variable of type 'CAdodc' in windows console
file(after adding microsoft's ado data control-version 6 to
project),it's not
working,an exception(debug assertion failed) is being thrown.
(In MFC Appwizard file too,I can use the ADO Data control by adding it
to the
form,I am not able to declare one by my own.)

I declared the member variable as
CAdodc m_ado;

Can you please help me?

Thanks and Regards,

Sun, 13 Feb 2005 22:24:04 GMT  
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