problem by open recordset 
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 problem by open recordset


i tried to open CRecordset ( i.e.special table) by doing that :

in *.h

CDatabase m_database;
CRecordset m_recordset;

in *cpp.

m_database.Open(_T("Microsoft Access-Datenbank"), FALSE,FALSE,
_T("ODBC;UID=") + sUser);

// that has worked
// it is a german driver

// now i have choosen my databse by using a dialog the MFC has shown me

m_recordset.m_pDatabase = &m_database;
m_recordset.Open(CRecordset::snapshot, _T("myTable"));

// here i got an assertion.

could anybody tell me please what is the reason for it

thnak you

Tue, 22 Jul 2003 19:49:55 GMT  
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