Error when using ODBC for text (vc++ 1.5) 
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 Error when using ODBC for text (vc++ 1.5)


We are using VC++ 1.5 on windows 3.1. We have a plain ASCII text. We need to
query on this flat file using ODBC( for text).  A DSN for text Driver was

Then using APPWIZARD of VC++ 1.5  a new Application was created  with the
option "database with file support or without file support " using the DSN
created earlier, prompted us to select the table. On Selecting the text file
as the table, resulted in a Error , stating "SQL Columns Failed". Hence
forth  MSVC.EXE crashed.

Can you suggest a solution for this .

Thanks in advance


Sun, 15 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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