Database/Database Server Blocking. 
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 Database/Database Server Blocking.

Hi All,

Since upgrading our SQL server to the latest service pack (6.5 SP5a) we've
been experiencing unexpected
systematic locking/blocking. Prior to the service pack, there where no such
problems. It also is fine ironically in MSSQL7.

The problem occurs in the following sequence:

A VC++ app using DAO opens a control table (table A) is opened for
read-write access in a database.
The table is updated and then closed. Another table (B) is then opened for
exclusive write access (dbConsistent) in the same database, slowly populates
it. This process can take several minutes.
Upon completion, control table A is opened again, updated and closed.

Concurrently a second (monitoring) application periodically opens, reads and
closes the same control table (A) with read-only access. However, this
second application is blocked by the first appplication while table B is
being populated, despite all connections to table A having been closed.

The number of outstanding locks are typically upto 15,000. Utilising a begin
and end transaction in VC++.

Futher, access to the SQL Server (not the same database) is blocked until
the first application completes.
Applications blocked include:

1. Other VB and VC++ App's accessing other databases.
2. SQL Enterprise Manager whilst connecting to the server.
3. SQL Enterprise Manager whilst attempting to refresh the 'Current
Activity' Statistics.
4. NT Performance monitor accessing SQL Server Statistics.
5. Access to the Database via 'MS Access'.

Has anyone experienced this problem and/or found a solution ?


Sun, 14 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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