create custom DTS transformation in VC++ 
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 create custom DTS transformation in VC++

.....Ok. I tried. I sort of figured out the basic.

I have a problem. When the source data is only written English,
the source data was successfully transfered to the destination table.
But, if the source data contains Alphabets and Japanese,
it seems that only the first character was transfered to the destination.
Further more, when I look at the result in the Query Analyzer, all
alphabets data that were transfered show question mark like ?

Instead of treating the data in a string, in VC++, is there a way that I can
take a look at the data in bytes before putting the data in the destination?

I'm using Japanese VC++ and Japanese SQL Server 7.0.

Thank you,

Shizuko I. Cox


> Actually, I did look at that code for a long time.
> It didn't help me much....
> I'd really appreciate it if someone can explain
> rgColumnData etc. came from..

> Thanks

> Shizuko Cox

> > writes
> > >Hello.

> > >I'd like to create a custom DTS transformation in VC++.
> > >I want to manipulate the source data before it is copied to the
> > >destination.
> > >According to, C/C++ is the only way to make a customized
> > >DTS.

> > >I'm very new to VC++.
> > >So far, I made an ATL object.  I am supposed to add custom code.
> > >Is there any example about custom DTS in VC++?
> > >Does any one know how to do it?

> > >Please help!!!!!

> > >Thank you,

> > >Shizuko Cox

> > There is a sample on your CD (or hard drive if you installed the correct
> > options) -
> > \MSSQL7\Devtools\Samples\Dts\Dtsxform\

> > Dunno if this helps?
> > --
> > Darren Green
> > SQL/DTS - http://www.*-*-*.com/

Fri, 14 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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