DataGrid Scroll problem 
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 DataGrid Scroll problem

I'm using Microsoft DataGrid SP5

I set Marguee Style as dbgHighlightRow so when i select a
cell a whole row is highlighted, good.
But when I use arrows-key and and start scrolling this
highlighted disapear, there is not problem to scroll back
to the begining of the grid but you don't know which row
is already selected.
How can I make that all the time one row ishighlighted ?

Thanks in advance for your help,
I don't know if flexigrid can do it, but I'm using ADO.

Mon, 26 Jul 2004 08:31:17 GMT  
 DataGrid Scroll problem
it seems to be a problem with focus. SetFocus to the DataGrid control
before you move to another row. You can do it in the willmove event  if you
are using the DataGrid control.

Hope it helps.

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Sun, 01 Aug 2004 09:17:14 GMT  
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