Problems with compound key with string fields 
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 Problems with compound key with string fields

Hello together,

I noticed problems when retrieving data from a table having a compound
primary key.
The table has three string fields (echa 10 character long), among others
, which define the compound primary key (the names are refId, refWpId,

Now when I specify the m_strFilter member variable of the CRecordset
class with

m_strFilter = "refId = 'ref1' AND refWpId = 'wp1' AND refPtId = 'p1'"

then the Open() command does not find any data (the record with this key
exists in the database).

The strange thing is, that when I specify a wildcard in the third
parameter, i.e. '%' instead of 'p1', then the Open() command finds the

Has anybody else encountered problems with tables having three string
fields as a compound primary key. The strange thing about this is, that
I have several other tables having two string fields and one numerical
fields as a compound primary field and these tables work fine.

Are there any known problems with string fields in a compound primary
key ?

I'm using VC++4.2b under Win95.

thanks for any help


Sat, 26 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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