CRecordset Open Access violation 
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 CRecordset Open Access violation

I am periodically getting an access violation when opening a recordset.
In debug mode the program stops at the point where the error occurs but
it is in assembly somewhere in LIBCTL.DLL and not very helpful. I've
narrowed the problem down to a call to Open().

The program is a multi-threaded server that clients connect using
sockets to make various database calls, etc. This exception occurs
sporadically, particularly when multiple calls are being made. I
searched on MSDN and found an article that seemed to describe the
problem I am having. I've included the gist below. The odd thing is that
the article claims that the bug it describes was fixed with version 3.5
of Odbccr32.dll which is what I am using ( to be precise). Was
this fixed or not? Has anyone had the same problem? Any advice or ideas
would be appreciated.

                                                    Thanks, Alf.

   BUG #: 4797 (NT: ODBC30)

   An ODBC application may get an access violation (AV) using the ODBC
cursor library (Odbccr32.dll) if both of the
   following conditions are true:

        It creates more than one CRecordset objects.
        The following operations are done repeatedly on the CRecordset
        Open, MoveLast or Requery and Close.

   The access violation error happens when the application tries to use
the Close method of CRecordset or invoke the
   SQLFreeStmt ODBC function.


   Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Open Database
Connectivity version 3.0. This problem has been
   corrected in Open Database Connectivity version 3.5.

Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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