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 Sharing Violation

I'm developing an application using C++ MFC. I
created the ADO database application using the wizard in
VS 6.0 and then ported it to

I have recently taken more control of the database.
I now create the database myself in my derived
CWinApp::InitInstance() method prior to calling the

The ProcessShellCommand(cmdInfo)function however still
opens the database which causes a sharing violation.

Interesting that I only get this sharing violation when I
open the app by clicking on the database. It doesn't
occur when I open the app and provide the database name
from a user dialog in the app.

How can I stop the ProcessShellCommand(cmdInfo)from
opening the database or at least opening it shared.

Or is there a better solution that doen't require me to
totally unraved my design.


Sat, 10 Dec 2005 00:14:17 GMT  
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