Lockup on Program when DB resides on Novell Server 
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 Lockup on Program when DB resides on Novell Server

                I've written a program that uses ODBC to connect to
Access97 db.  The program works great when installed and db is located
on our Win2000 server, and we can use Telnet to connect from another
machine and run the program (Console based).  However, the end result
actually needs to connect to the db when it resides on a Novell dir.
        We have Telnet Server add-on pack installed on the Win2000 and
the program also resides there.  The ODBC is set to point to
G:\user\MIS\publish with the DB PC Inventory which is of course the
mapping to the Novell dir.  It works fine if you run the program
locally, but when you telnet to it, the minute it opens the db, it
        My thinking is that it is a problem with Telnet Server and the
IPX/SPX communication to the Novell server.  Anybody seen this?  Or
have any suggestions?

Chris Drake

Sat, 05 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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