Old Project - New Errors 
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 Old Project - New Errors

I have inherited a VC++ 4.2 project running on Windows 95 machine.

The project relied on some CRecordset() derived classes and connected to an
ODBC registered database.

This program was run for most of last year. Some months have passed since
this program was run on the machine it is resident on.

The database in question is listed in the ODBC Managers list and is
connected to the right file.

When it is now run it comes up with a small dialog box, in which the
following four lines are displayed:

"Driver's SQLSetConnectOption failed"
"Driver not capable"
"General error Failed to get the expression service"
"General error One o"

Does anybody have any ideas where I should start looking.

Any pointers/advice/comments gladly appreciated.

Sun, 28 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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