Help, ODBCRR32.DLL 0xC000005 Access Violation 
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 Help, ODBCRR32.DLL 0xC000005 Access Violation


I have some problem stabilizing my MFC Application who is using ODBC .
When closing the database pointer and the recordset I get the the error:

MFC Unhandled exeption ODBCRR32.DLL 0xC000005 Access Violation

Is there anybody who can give me a solution on this problem???

My applicationg using MFC 4.2 and is developed in VC++ 5.0. The database
is Microsoft access(mdb) and the ODBC driver is Microsoft Access Driver
3.50.360200 ODBJT32.DLL(2.12.96)

When I debugg the application after this error I get this assembler

04A96271   cmp         dword ptr [eax+14h],ebp // (Here is the error)
04A96274   je          04A96282
04A96276   mov         eax,dword ptr [edi+4]
04A96279   push        eax
04A9627A   call        04AA6A2B
04A9627F   add         esp,4
04A96282   inc         bx
04A96284   xor         eax,eax
04A96286   mov         ax,word ptr [esi+40h]
04A9628A   add         eax,18h

This is how I am opening and closing the access database
//******* Opening database and recordset**********
// Opening database pointer
CDatabase* m_pDBMain;
 m_pDBMain  = new CDatabase;
 m_pDBMain->OpenEx(theApp.m_sOpenDbStr,CDatabase::useCursorLib |

// Opening the recordset
CMainRecord* m_pMain;   // CMainRecord is derived from CRecordset
 m_pMain = new CMainAreaRecord(m_pDBMain);

//******* Closing database and recordset**********

// Closing and deleting the recordset
  delete m_pMain;

// Closing and deleting the databasepointer
  if( m_pDBMain->IsOpen())
  delete m_pDBMain;

Knut Nilsen

Sat, 09 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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