CDaoWorkspace and Transactions - Problem 
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 CDaoWorkspace and Transactions - Problem

I've got transactions sort of working.  It goes like this:

OnNewDocument I do a BeginTrans()

OnSaveChanges I do a CommitTrans() followed by BeginTrans()
              to save data changes and start another transaction

OnUndoChanges I do a Rollback() followed by BeginTrans()
              to rollback and start another transaction

The OnUndoChanges works fine, and I can rollback as many times as I want.
The OnSaveChanges works fine too... once.  And once only!  As soon as I try
and do OnUndoChanges or another OnSaveChanges I get an error telling me
that a Rollback or CommitTrans occured without a BeginTrans.

As I say, this only happens for the CommitTrans, not the RollBack.  So what

Help appreciated


Fri, 19 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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