Help implementing RFX_Date for COleDateTime type 
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 Help implementing RFX_Date for COleDateTime type

I am attempting to implement an overload of the RFX_Date function to allow
the use of the COleDateTime type instead of the CTime type.  I have had
very little luck and wonder if I am going about this all wrong.

I thought that just creating a new overload for the function and then
inside the function copying all the data to a DATETIMESTAMP_STRUCT and then
calling RFX_Date with this variable and then copying the data after the
call to the COleDateTime var would work.  So far I haven't had any sort of
luck.  Am I forgetting something??

How do you implement COleDate variables in place of those lame default
CTime things the wizard makes for a CRecordset class?

Fri, 09 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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