Selecting Items from a multi select list box VC++ 6.0 on W2K 
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 Selecting Items from a multi select list box VC++ 6.0 on W2K

Being an entry level programmer with no mentor or real
Visual C++(6.0) education this application has been a
challenge and my current one is:
I have a new dialog box that has a multi select list box
that is populated with (toll free)numbers pulled from a
SQLServer database.  Now I am trying to take the numbers I
have selected and put them into the report table in the
On my GetSelected function I am getting an assert fail and
I'm sure my pointers or references are wrong but not sure
where.  All I can say is I obviously don't teach myself
very well.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

void CDNISNumSelect::GetSelected(CStringList
        int selectedArray = NULL;      
        int totalSize= m_lbDNISNumbers->GetSelCount();      
        // it counts what I have selected
        //CListBox* m_lbDNISNumbers = (CListBox*)
        CString strSpace(" ");
        int selectSize = m_lbDNISNumbers->GetSelect
(totalSize, selectedArray);  // gets an assert fail here

        strlDNISNumbers = new CStringList(selectSize);
        CString *temp;

        for (int k = 0; k < selectSize; k++)        

                temp = (CString *)m_lbDNISNumbers-



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