SQL Server with CDatabase/CRecordset and server cursors 
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 SQL Server with CDatabase/CRecordset and server cursors

Just wondering how many folks out there are actually using this
combination. Sorry if this is rehashing previous posts, but I can't get
locks to be properly honored in our application within transactions (pages
are supposed to be exclusively locked during a transaction until the
updates are committed) if I don't load the cursor library. If I load the
cursor library, then everything works great. (There are performance issues
for remote clients, so I would prefer to keep result sets on the server,
which is why I'm trying to get rid of the cursor library).

Note that a trivial sample I have created to duplicate the locking failure
for Microsoft's technical support works correctly 95% or more of the time
(one client waits for the other the commit the transaction when updating
the same record or else times out), but I have observed one more than 1
occasion that even the trivial sample has allowed both clients to
concurrently execute and update a the same record within a transaction.
ISQL_W also experiences dirty read of the uncommited data when this occurs.
The pages appear to be exclusively locked using sp_lock or viewing locks
with the SQL Enterprise Manager, but the other client doesn't respect them.

Randy Baker (remove Z from address in email replies)

Mon, 06 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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