ODBC: Passing embedded quotes to stored procedures 
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 ODBC: Passing embedded quotes to stored procedures

I want to pass strings containing embedded single quotes (apostrophes) to a
stored procedure in an SQL Server database using ODBC.

How do I do this?  In an SQL script, you can 'double-up' the embedded quote to
get a single one in the string, but this doesn't seem to work via ODBC.

(By 'doubling up' the quote, I mean using two single-quote characters, not a
double-quote character.)


Run this SQL script using 'isql' to create and invoke a procedure:

        use dbname

        create proc TestProc(



        exec TestProc 'Bob''s Diner'

The script produces this output:

 Bob's Diner

Note that the embedded quote is 'doubled' in the exec statement.

Now try executing the following SQL from MS Query:

        {Call TestProc('Bob''s Diner')}

The script produces this output:

        Bob''s Diner

The 'doubled up' quote gets passed as two quotes.  If you try just one,

        {Call TestProc('Bob's Diner')}

you get a syntax error (of course).

You can get the same results by passing the SQL "call" statement to
CRecordSet.Open() in C++.

        bResult = CMyRecordSet.Open(
                         "{Call TestProc('Bob''s Diner')}",

Any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sat, 25 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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