passing array to stored procedure with oledb 
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 passing array to stored procedure with oledb

We are currently working with a 3 Tired Architecture ,the front end is
delphi 4.0 and Middle ware is VC++ 6.0 and back end is Oracle .
We are facing a problem regarding passing data to stored procedures.

The program requires to pass Array of DATA to Oracle Stored Procedure
and get a modified data in the same array. We are using OLEDB provided
consumer to connect to the Data Base and it builds the corresponding
Consumer class for that stored procedure, the variables of the Stored
procedure that accept data are mapped to IUnknown pointers . As Oracle
doesn't understand VARIANT , Are there any Macros present in OLEDB to
pass Array Variables to the stored procedure.
I'm also attaching the OLEDB generated file for ur reference, could u
suggest a solution ,how to go about with this problem.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks and Regards,

------------------------------------- Code from the OLE DB Consumer

// Country.H : Declaration of the CCountry class

#ifndef __COUNTRY_H_
#define __COUNTRY_H_

class CCountryAccessor
        double m_TPID;
        double m_DOMCODE;
        IUnknown* m_COUNTRYNAME;    These are two parameters to be used
for array input.....
        IUnknown* m_COUNTRYFLAG;

        COLUMN_ENTRY(1, m_TPID)

(?,?,?,?) }"))

        // You may wish to call this function if you are inserting a
record and wish to
        // initialize all the fields, if you are not going to explicitly
set all of them.
        void ClearRecord()
                memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this));


class CCountry : public CCommand<CAccessor<CCountryAccessor> >
        HRESULT Open()
                HRESULT         hr;

                hr = OpenDataSource();
                if (FAILED(hr))
                        return hr;

                return OpenRowset();
        HRESULT OpenDataSource()
                HRESULT         hr;
                CDataSource db;
                CDBPropSet      dbinit(DBPROPSET_DBINIT);

                dbinit.AddProperty(DBPROP_AUTH_PASSWORD, OLESTR("ifb"));
                dbinit.AddProperty(DBPROP_AUTH_USERID, OLESTR("ifb"));
                dbinit.AddProperty(DBPROP_INIT_LCID, (long)1033);
                dbinit.AddProperty(DBPROP_INIT_PROMPT, (short)4);
                hr = db.Open(_T("MSDAORA.1"), &dbinit);
                if (FAILED(hr))
                        return hr;

                return m_session.Open(db);
        HRESULT OpenRowset()
                return CCommand<CAccessor<CCountryAccessor>


        CSession        m_session;


#endif // __COUNTRY_H_

------------------------------- Stored proceedure -------------------

    country main.charArrayTyp;
    flag main.char1ArrayTyp;
  country(1) := 'ASIA';
  country(2) := 'AMERICA';
  country(3) := 'EUROPE';
  flag(1) := 'G';                                 // Actual Input for
the program
  flag(2) := 'C';
  flag(3) := 'G';

create or replace package main as
    type charArrayTyp is table of varchar2(20)
        index by binary_integer;
    type char1ArrayTyp is table of char(1)
        index by binary_integer;
    procedure get_countrys(
        tp_id   in     integer,
        dom_code in     integer,
        country_name in    charArrayTyp,
        country_flag in    char1ArrayTyp);
end main;
create or replace package body main as
    cou_name varchar2(20);
    cursor get_countrys_in_group (param1 varchar2) is
        select b.country_name from country_group a, country b
           where (a.country_group_name = param1) and
    procedure get_countrys(
        tp_id   in     integer,
        dom_code in     integer,
        country_name in    charArrayTyp,
        country_flag in    char1ArrayTyp) is
        for i in 1..3 loop
          if country_flag(i) = 'G' then
            if not get_countrys_in_group%isopen then
            open get_countrys_in_group(country_name(i));
            end if;
            insert into temptable values(cou_name);
          end if;
        fetch get_countrys_in_group into cou_name;
        insert into temptable values(cou_name);
            if get_countrys_in_group%notfound then
                close get_countrys_in_group;
            end if;
        end loop;
       /*for i in 1..3 loop
          insert into tp_domain_Country
        end loop; */
    end get_countrys;
end main;

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