Jet ADO threads and performance 
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 Jet ADO threads and performance

I'm working on an app where I can plug in different data access
modules, which include (so far) an ODBC module tuned for Sybase
Adaptive Server Anywhere and a (brand spanking new) ADO module tuned
for Access .MDB files (Jet). I'm new to ADO.

With ODBC, I've got 5 threads, only one of which I didn't explicitly

With ADO, I've got 13 (!) threads, only 3 of which I started

With ADO using ODBC (instead of Jet), I've got 8 threads (3 explicitly

Furthermore, on startup, the app reads in some large lists from the db
in the background. This has a much greater (negative) effect on system
responsiveness with ADO/Jet, than with ODBC or ADO/ODBC.

So, finally, here are the questions:

1) Why so many threads for ADO, especially ADO/Jet?

2) Do I have any control the number or priority of threads ADO starts?

3) Does anyone have any other suggestions for performance tuning with

Don Grasberger
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Mon, 28 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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