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 Oracle/ODBC GPF's

I am trying to use ODBC/Oracle to make a new application.  I have
successfully used MSAccess to edit the Oracle tables, but VC++ 1.52
cannot create an app that does not get a GPF.  I used app wizard,
connected it to my ODBC data source, it generated the .cpp and .h
I used CRecordView/Set and bound some edit boxes to the member vars in
the RecordSet. It compiled OK.  But when I run the app, it displays the
data from the first row in the database and General Protection Faults
immediately.  I can only see the dialog box until I press the OK button
on the GPF message.

Did I forget some crucial step?
I even went through the de{*filter*} and found that data from the first row
was actually getting into my member variables.  But it GPF's somewhere
in CRecordView while iti is displaying the data.

I've already done this same thing in MSAccess using ODBC with no
problem, But now I want to move the data to an Oracle database for

Fri, 09 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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