Writing MSSQL TEXT field from CRecordset 
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 Writing MSSQL TEXT field from CRecordset

Hopefully this is a simple question for someone.  We are using MSSQL
as the platform for a new B/AR system to replace an aging system.  I
am trying to write a report to a TEXT field so that once the report is
created, it can be easily viewed or printed on demand by our users.
This is a plain text report that will not be over one or two pages.

We are using Visual C++ and ODBC.  When using Class Wizard to create a
derived CRecordset class for the table, the TEXT field is mapped as a
CString.  I have tried writing the report to the CString and updating
the record in the standard way.  This method gives me a "data
truncation" error.

Can a TEXT field be written, updated, and read using the CRecordset
class?  I have access to MSDN, and have found little documentation
regarding the TEXT and IMAGE fields in MSSQL except for T-SQL.

If CRecordset is not the way to go, what is the least complicated way
of updating these type of fields from a VC++ MFC/ODBC application.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Bradley Powers

Thu, 14 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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