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 Cproperty page how to question

Hello and Help,
What I am trying to accomplish is this.
I want to take a bunch of forms(CDaoRecordView) I built using Resource
editor and class wizard. And display them in kind of a CPropertyPage on
another dialog box (or for that matter a CTabCtrl. When the user selects a
tab it will display the resource associated with the tab. The other buttons
and the display of the base form I have figured out. I can create and
display both empty sheets or tabs with the correct text. I am stuggling
casting the CDaoRecordView to CPropertypage on the CPropertySheet->AddPage
command. Any suggestions or examples would be greatly appreciated. Oh yea
Assume that I am a new MFC user with limited C++ experience please.'
Thank you
Doug McGill

Mon, 23 Aug 2004 07:37:57 GMT  
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