Using VC with Visual Foxpro Database 
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 Using VC with Visual Foxpro Database

Easiest line of attack would probably be to use CRecordSet's
to connect via OLE/DB or ADO objects to an ODBC defined
DSN for the database. The VC database wizard can generate
much of the basic code if you're completely lost in this area but
be aware that it produces far from optimal solutions.

The only really serious problem you will encounter is that the
ODBC driver for Visual FoxPro is a little strange IMHO in that
it seems to assume that you're using VFP as the programming
environment and doesn't therefore provide a complete support
for all the functions you might otherwise have.

A suggestion made recently in one of the Borland ng's for this
(applied to BCB and Delphi) was to use a 3rd party engine to
access the VFP database. This may be a better choice, and
you can still use the normal VC development wizards and the
rest for the normal development.  For alternative engines try
searching http://www.*-*-*.com/ for "FoxPro" in the BDE and
borland.public.delphi.database.desktop (or BCB) ng's.

A common starting point for this for Borland types is;
however want to consider using VFP itself to develop part
of your application. I haven't used it for years, but you should
be able to integrate VFP/VC to provide a better solution than
either one alone....

"If you think you know the answer,
then you don't understand the question !"

> I used to program utilities in VC, but I am now tasked to do an
> application using Visual Foxpro Database.   Kindly give me  guidelines
> how??

Tue, 23 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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