Loading massive data from text file to Access Database .MDB (time problem) 
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 Loading massive data from text file to Access Database .MDB (time problem)

Environment: VC++ 6.0, NT 4.0

I try to develop with CDaoDatabase the next situation:
I'm developing an application with Visual C++ 6.0 that has to load thousands
(even more than 100000) of rows from a text file (one row per line, with a
delimiter-character between fields), and add them to an existing .mdb access
database. The main problem is the time because my ODBC version of
application use 40 hours to load the database. If you read one record at a
time from the text file, and add it to the database, then no matter what
technology you're using: it's too slow. I found a Visual Basic instruction
that makes what I want: "TransferText", but there's nothing like that in
DAO, OLE DB nor ADO. So, I guess I've got to simulate it.

    The faster results I've obtained were with CDAODatabase objects, but I
still had to incorporate record-by-record in my database. Is there any way
to load many records at a time? It doesn't matter if I add records
one-by-one, but I want them to be written to disk in blocks.

    I need something like the BCP (Bulk Copy Program) utility of SQLServer
but for Microsoft Access
Any sugestions?
Thanks in advance.

Fri, 05 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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