Multiple Databases & File Management under CE 2.00 
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 Multiple Databases & File Management under CE 2.00

I am developing a VC++ 6 app (toolkit 6) for CE and desktop.
I want the app to be able to store it's data in a database in a user
specified directory.  For example, a database corresponds to one of the
user's customers and if the user adds a new customer, my app will start
a new directory containing an Access database with empty tables for that
customer's data.

In the normal Win32 app, I can use SHBrowseForFolder() to allow the user
select a folder for the new db.  However, this API call is unsupported
by CE.  Is there a CE alternative?  I am using CE 2.00 to develop.  Is
it even possible to create the same database in multiple locations under
CE 2.00?  If not, does CE 2.12 afford this?

Last question: I am using ADO_CE.  Is it possible to create the (Access
pocket) database and its tables programmatically (at runtime)?  If so,

Sorry if this all sounds naive -- I inherited a big project and am new
to this.

Much Thanks!
Alan Mukamal


Tue, 05 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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