Read Jet-databas properties with ADO from vc++ 
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 Read Jet-databas properties with ADO from vc++


I like to read the user defined properties in a Jet-database with ADO
connection to a VC++ application. Today its possible for me to read this
properties in VB with a DAO connection to a Jet-database, and now i would
like to do the same thing in VC++ with a ADO connection. The properties i
talk about are the properties you can create with Access. Only select
File->Databaseproperties->Own and Add. But, how do i read this
records from VC++ with a ADO connections?

In VB with a DAO connection I do like this:

Dim wrkjet As Workspace, dbs as Database

Set wrkjet = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", dbUseJet)
Set dbs = wrkjet.OpenDatabase("c:\test.mdb")




Mon, 24 Mar 2003 14:27:39 GMT  
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