CDAORecordset & BLOBS/memo fields 
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 CDAORecordset & BLOBS/memo fields


If you use DaoRecordsets you can can store your BLOB by setting

m_bCheckCacheForDirtyFields = FALSE;

By Peter from Stuttgart Germany

Udo Szczepanek schrieb im Beitrag

>Hi folks,

>does anybody know the following problem (and a solution as well):

>I programmed a CDAORecordset derived class to read and write data from
>an Access 7.0 database. So far so good. The problem is to access a memo
>field which I connected to a CByteArray class in the DoFieldExchange
>method. Reading the data from the database is working. But I could not
>realize the writing. I modified a read Recordset between an Edit() and
>Update() method call. Interesting is that all fields except the memo
>fields are written back to the database.

>I tried to solve the problem by setting the field to DIRTY and NOT NULL
>I found in a hint of a mail archive. But that just produced a "Data type
>conversion error" message. The only thing I could realise was to clear
>the field in the database by setting the DAORecordset  to DIRTY and to
>But that doesn't help me very much. I could not even find a usefull hint
>that problem in the MS Knowlegde Base.

>As far as I know the problem is somewhere in the
>CDaoRecordset::SetFieldValue method.
>To be more precize in the last line, which is the only line that's not
>comment or
>ASSERT statement. But I don't understand that line (and the called

>So long,


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Fri, 04 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 CDAORecordset & BLOBS/memo fields

Hi Peter

> If you use DaoRecordsets you can can store your BLOB by setting

> m_bCheckCacheForDirtyFields = FALSE;

Sorry but that's not changing anything.



"CAD in Dressmaking"
Dipl.-Inform. Udo Szczepanek

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Mon, 07 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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