CRecordset Bulk Row Fetching 
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 CRecordset Bulk Row Fetching

Im trying to implement bulk row fethcing using the MFC CRecordset class
in VC++. Im letting the framework allocate the memory for the rowset.
These are the pointers to the allocated memory just as shown in MSDN.

>long int* m_username;
>LPSTR m_sessid;

This is in the RFX bulk exchange fucntion.

>RFX_Long_Bulk( pFX, _T( "[username]" ),
>    &m_username, &m_userLengths );
>RFX_Text_Bulk( pFX, _T( "[sessid]" ),
>    &m_sessid, &m_sessidLengths, 40 );

After fethcing the rows I can access the individual rowset for the int
value by doing "m_username[N]". But for the text colum Im retrieving, I
only get one value, and acessing the variable as an array will only get
me individual characters of the string. Shouldn't the original varibale
be declared as an LPSTR* instead of just an LPSTR? Yet the
RFX_Text_Bulk function will only let me pass it an LPSTR. How do I
access the individual rows for string values in the bulk fetched

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Sun, 18 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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