CHAR, adVarWChar, ADO problem. 
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 CHAR, adVarWChar, ADO problem.


I have a problem using ADO to access my Access2000 database. I have created

class CUsers : public CADORecordBinding
 ADO_FIXED_LENGTH_ENTRY    (  1, adInteger, m_lID, m_lIDStatus, FALSE)
 ADO_VARIABLE_LENGTH_ENTRY2(  2, adVarWChar, m_szName,
sizeof(m_szFirstName), m_lFirstNameStatus, FALSE)

 LONG   m_lID;
 ULONG   m_lIDStatus;
 CHAR   m_szName[51];
 ULONG   m_lNameStatus;


I also have dialog (the application is a dialog based) with an edit control
for entering and displaying database values - the appropriate dialog
variable is CString m_strName.

My problem is this: How can I put value of m_szName into m_strName and how
can I put value of m_strName into m_szName?

Thank you for any help or suggestion.

Wed, 03 Mar 2004 17:28:08 GMT  
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