Update Access 2000 Date/Time field error 
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 Update Access 2000 Date/Time field error

I have a table with a field of type Date/Time, in general date format,
that is, for example :
11/28/2001 12:34:56 pm

How may I update it ?
I tried the codes below but they did not work

CDatabase database;
CString SqlString;
CString sDriver = "MICROSOFT ACCESS DRIVER (*.mdb)";
CString sDsn;
CString sFile = "c:\\m.mdb";


CString SqlString;

CTime time;
time = CTime::GetCurrentTime();
CString str;
str = time.Format("%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S");

CString SqlString;
SqlString.Format("UPDATE MyTable SET DateTimeField = '%s' WHERE ID = 3", str)

The error shown is like below :

Database error: Syntax error in UPDATE statement

Mon, 17 May 2004 13:36:18 GMT  
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