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 ADO - Stored Procedure Question

I'm getting ADO 2.1 hooked up in VC++ 6.0. The VB group has written a
DLL for the connection object and I've implemented using that to make my
connection successfully. I am presently creating the connection and
command objects in C++, and have successfully executed a stored proc (on
SQL Server 6.5). This particular SP doesn't take any parameters, it
merely executes and returns a rowset. The problem I'm having is figuring
out how to access the rows. I can call ->MoveNext() and walk through the
rows, and it steps through the correct number of rows. But I haven't
figured out how to actually bind this rowset to a recordset object so I
can access the fields. None of the examples I've found so far quite show
me what I'm trying to do. Close, but not quite, and I'm stumped trying
to figure out how to apply them.

I have made a recordest class derived from CADORecordBinding and am
trying to bind this to the returned rowset.

I was wondering if any of you may have some idea of how to do this, or
where some more samples or information may be found? I have the Plaform
SDK, been rooting around MSDN library, CodeGuru, VC Developer Journal
site. Some come close, but then chop off without showing the important

Sat, 27 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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